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An Open Letter from Past CEA Chairs to Senator Sanders and Professor Gerald Friedman

Originally posted on lettertosanders:
Dear Senator Sanders and Professor Gerald Friedman, We are former Chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers for Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. For many years, we have worked to make the Democratic Party the…

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FOMC: Conspiracists to the left of them, conspiracists to the right

Originally posted on longandvariable:
Paul Krugman worries that the reason why the Fed hiked by a quarter point in December 2015, and won’t immediately reverse course, is that their judgement has been impaired by talking to too many who work…

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Pantheism and homotopy theory, Part 2

Originally posted on Mathematics without Apologies, by Michael Harris:
Every mathematician should probably read Vladimir Voevodsky’s article in the Summer 2014 IAS Letter.  Only time will tell whether it will be remembered as a historic document of the highest importance;…

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