The TL;DR; Guide to PostgreSQL Functions

The Solarium

I’ve spent many hours becoming (more or less) proficient in the ceremony around PostgreSQL functions;  hours that hopefully you won’t have to spend after reading this! Here is a one minute list.

  1. Functions and Stored Procedures are all “Functions” in PostgreSQL, so don’t waste time searching for syntax related to “stored procedures” in the PostgreSQL manual.
  2. Use the opening phrase “create or replace function …” so that you can quickly reload the code while debugging.
  3. A function name may be schema qualified (eg- “my_schema.my_function”).  If it is not schema qualified, it will go into the public schema.
  4. The argument is in parentheses and is a comma separated list of names and simple PostgreSQL types like int, text, or varchar.
  5. I usually prefix a “p_” to all my parameter names to make the following code more readable.  You should too; you’ll thank me later.
  6. PostgreSQL can overload functions by method signature…

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