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The Stacks Project gets ever awesomer with new viz

Originally posted on mathbabe:
Crossposted on Not Even Wrong. Here’s a completely biased interview I did with my husband A. Johan de Jong, who has been working with Pieter Belmans on a very cool online math project using d3js. I…

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Laying train tracks

Originally posted on Geometry and the imagination:
This morning I was playing trains with my son Felix. At the moment he is much more interested in laying the tracks than putting the trains on and moving them around, but he…

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Three problems and a disclaimer

Originally posted on chorasimilarity:
In this post I want to summarize the list of problems I am currently thinking about. This is not a list of regular mathematical problems, see the disclaimer on style written at the end of the…

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Furstenberg’s Correspondence Theorem

Originally posted on I Can't Believe It's Not Random!:
In 1977 Furstenberg gave a new proof of Szemerédi’s theorem using ergodic theory. The first step in that proof was to turn the combinatorial statement into a statement in…

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Kleisli Categories

Originally posted on   Bartosz Milewski's Programming Cafe:
In the previous installment of Categories for Programmers, Categories Great and Small, I gave a few examples of simple categories. In this installment we’ll work through a more advanced example. If you’re…

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