2015 musings


And now, at 05:20 in the morning local time, some meditations for the new year. I am now a graduate student, studying pure mathematics, 8 months away from graduation. As anyone in a similar discipline will no doubt confirm, this is not merely a job but a way of life. It must be so — at least for most of us. I want to elaborate on what this way of life has given me, and what it has taken away from me. Really, I expect this post to be like a letter to (or perhaps an argument with) my former self — the hope of course being that from it, someone out there will manage to derive some meaningful insight. But first, let me reiterate how I got here — here as in right now, that is.

Long story short: childhood spent writing code -> descent into online gaming as…

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Argonaut: someone engaged in a dangerous but potentially rewarding adventure.
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