The Business of Being Rush Limbaugh


After news broke about the Rush Limbaugh Show getting kicked to the curb by WRKO-AM in Boston, Nielsen radio market #10, I received about a dozen emails asking when I was going to comment.  So, here goes.

First, understand the “business of business is business” and the “business of money is money.”  And it’s money not a station’s Nielsen ratings that will ultimately determine your success or failure as a personality.  For most of us, revenue and ratings are connected.  But, that’s not true for everyone.

After Rush Limbaugh stepped over the line with his Sandra Fluke comments a few years ago, his mistake being an old man verbally abusing a young woman, which in our society is never acceptable, liberal bloggers and media sites made note of the dozens and dozens of advertisers who canceled advertising in his show.  Somewhat true, in an indirect way.  But the real story…

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