#110 Frisbee Sports

Yesss!! I don’t know if I was the only person to suggest Ultimate, but I did suggest it back when this blog was asking for material. The Atlanta Flying Disc Club, despite being in Atlanta, had maybe 3-4 Black players. Of course they were the fastest in the league.

Stuff White People Like

Though many white people consider competitive sports to be too aggressive and macho for their tastes there are a few exceptions.  The most notable is Soccer since for some reason it is wrong to get fired up about Football game, but right to get fired up about a Football match.  The second sport (term used loosely) in this category is called Ultimate Frisbee or simply Ultimate.

It is important to know that when you hear a white person saying “we should do some ultimate this weekend” or “I’m so pumped for ultimate,” they are talking about a sport and not an “ultimate solution”-type race war.  Though a quick look at a field full of Ultimate Frisbee players might lead one to surmise that an ethnic cleansing has taken place.

When you first see the sport being played, you will be struck at how amazingly boring it is.  Imagine a field…

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