Driving a slow weekend in the City

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It was another slow weekend in San Francisco. During my shifts

  • I witnessed a non-trivial collision. A Toyota pickup truck was traveling behind me south on South Van Ness. As we approached the 16th Street intersection he passed me on the left and returned to my lane immediately before entering the intersection. The light had just turned green for our southbound traffic. Meanwhile, a Ford SUV crept west into the intersection on 16th Street, presumably not having seen the red traffic signal or slowing after realizing he was running a red light.

    The Ford SUV clipped the rear of the Toyota pickup truck. The Toyota’s tires lost all traction as it launched into an out of control 360 spin, coming to rest against a parked car across the intersection on South Van Ness.

    While my traffic signal intuition knew that the signal was about to turn, or had already turned…

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