multiplicities of freedom demonstrates Chaos Theory in Excel. If he filled in more initial values, you would see a thick bar—like a picture of white-noise.

a chaotic process (logistic map) generated & drawn in R
white (Gaussian) noise

  • Butterflies flapping their wings in Vermont to change the wind in Hangzhou?
  • A drop of water on Jeff Goldblum’s hand taking a very different path down depending on random parameters?
  • Or—as in multiplicitiesoffreedom’s picture—like a hashing function, the codomain being a highly-discrepant reordering|shuffle of the domain?

I found a paper on Chaos Theory as a metaphor for Institutional Economics and I just couldn’t help but play around with the equations inside. (Like the methodology of inst. econ)

For those who want to play around with the logistic map in R as well as Excel, do:

y = logisticSim()
plot(y, col=rgb(.1,.1,.1,.75) )

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