Climate Statistics

httpness: (studying statistics) Can there be a different standard deviation up and down?
isomorphisms: Yes. it’s called a semideviation. (Or a quasinorm.) There are a lot of people who argue that semideviations and quasinorms are more natural than standard deviation and norms.
httpness: So that’s not a normal distribution?
isomorphisms: Whatever distribution you’re using, there are different measures of dispersion on that — standard deviation, downside risk / semideviation, interquartile range, kurtosis, etc.
httpness: I was just thinking about temperatures. The standard deviation changes depending on the time of year, and the chance of unseasonably warm or cold days changes too.
httpness: Here’s an example of what I mean. let’s say during the summer there _is_ a standard deviation and it’s the same up and down. But at another time of year there could be more chance of a very warm day, and at a third time of year there could be more chance of an unseasonably cold day.

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