The Scenic Route

Years ago some friends and I took a roadtrip around the southeastern USA—Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

The scenery was beautiful in the Great Smoky Mountains.

But for some reason, the friend who had rented the car had mapped the shortest route from each city on our trip guide. We had limited time and he wanted to see everything we had planned, so he thought the shortest path γ connecting all points was the best.

“Nope.It’s about efficiency. The shortest path from A to B.”

I guess my definition of efficiency was different. Rather than optimise on gas and drive-time, I would optimise on the experiences I take away from the trip.

underset{gamma(t)}oint mathrm{beauty}  mathrm{d}gamma

There’s more beauty along the ξ through the Shenandoah Valley than along the γ along a grey 5-lane freeway. There are more chances along a scenic ξ to make an unexpected detour and let the universe’s randomness inject some unplanned experiences into our trip. I’d like to convolve all of that into my lifepath. That’s why I take the scenic route.


About isomorphismes

Argonaut: someone engaged in a dangerous but potentially rewarding adventure.
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