Then, after a religion has become a public affair, quarrels arise, to settle which watchwords are drawn up. This business gets into the hands of theologians: and the ideas of theologians always differ appreciably from those of the universal church. They swamp religion in fallacious logical disputations.

Thus, the natural tendency is to the continual drawing tighter and tighter of the narrowing bounds of doctrine, with less and less attention to the living essence of religion, until, after some symbolum quodcumque has declared that the salvation of each individual absolutely and almost exclusively depends upon his entertaining a correct metaphysics of the godhead, the vital spark of inspiration becomes finally quite extinct.

Charles Sanders Peirce
CP. 6.438 (via flaudio, matryoshhka)


Echoed as well by C.S.Lewis in The Abolition of Man:  Theologians ruin religion.

Jesus himself never used the word “omnibenevolent” or worried about whether God could make heavier rocks XOR lift them. Those problems arose from trying to marry Hellenic logic with the dominant religion (Christianity) centuries later.

As they say in git: Merge failed.


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