A Perfect Formula for Constitutions

moiracathleen: People today think there is a one size fits all constitution. This is perhaps the greatest tragedy to constitutionalism in history.
isomorphisms: How many sizes do you think there are?
moiracathleen: The Constitution is not to be used to impose a particular form of government, but rather expresses boundaries between the Government and the People.
moiracathleen: Those boundaries ought be drawn by the people living under the Constitution; rather than people from other countries.
isomorphisms: I hope that one day people will figure out the “perfect formula” for a constitution (balanced incentives / structure).
isomorphisms: Which is not to say that particular instantiations wouldn’t vary.
isomorphisms: Like a line bundle.
isomorphisms: The lines in the bundle vary from point to point. The ideal constitution, according to a formula, could also vary from place to place (and time to time and history to history and people to people).


About isomorphismes

Argonaut: someone engaged in a dangerous but potentially rewarding adventure.
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