market makers are normally paranoid that the other side of the trade “knows” what is going on and that it is a pickoff.

as a market maker, you think “what can i do against this that makes sense?” so you look for a vertical or 1×2, for example. or if there is nothing, then “how much i am going to bleed out of you in order to make [this] worth the risk?”


Most people think that day-traders don’t add economic value. The NuclearPhynance traders’ phorum might change their minds. Those [economists] whose idea of finance = prices converging efficiently upon a “true” value due to a kind of value-investor who also sells short—might see in apine’s words a different story. Financial markets can be more like a discussion between people who don’t necessarily know what’s going on, but try to figure that out based on what everyone else is saying.

For those who don’t understand what “liquidity” means to a trader: it means a market maker who is willing to get scraped up in a scary environment. Liquidity sometimes means a market maker (sometimes: a high-frequency trader) who is willing to play on a muddy pitch and not even charge much for the trouble.

A boxer expends much energy avoiding punches, even if they’re only feints.

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