Evolutionary Psychology Rap

(start at 09:00)

Too bad Gary S Becker was left out of the shout out. Rational discounting in response to environmental factors? It’s economics as well as evo psych!

Some awesome quotes:

  • 8:54 How do you know you’re not a persona? Huh?
  • 09:35 It’s an evolutionary strategy. You can’t magically escape from the habitat you was born in.
  • 10:00 If you’re thinkin / the criminal mind is vacant / you’re mistaken / This is calculated risk takin.
  • 10:15 Major discrepancy between the haves and have-nots / You wonder why the padlock on every cash box is smashed off?
  • 11:40 [Teen pregnancy] is such a tragedy / Apparently it’s also a reproductive strategy. / You can see people adjusting actively when circumstances change. It’s the same in different places and with different races.
  • 12:00 The bottom line is that inequity and life expectancy are the ultimate causes of crime / And the result of crime. / To me that’s true / The two combine together in a feedback loop.

I’ve got a request: if you grew up in a dangerous environment and can relate to the actual gangster lifestyle (not suburban mimics), please tell me what you think of this rap. Or, if you know someone who grew up living a hard life like this, would you show it to them and tell me their reaction?

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