Is there really such a thing as a point? Well, not really….

  • Ask any of our undergraduates, why the real numbers? Can you say there’s something √π centimetres away from here?
    —Well, not really, it’s an approximation….
    —An approximation to what?
  • “We’re not really doing science. We don’t have any data, so we’re just indulging our own mathematical and philosophical prejudices. :)”
  • “If a pile of papers appeared on your desk and claimed to be the correct theory of quantum gravity, how would you know?”
  • “All of the standard formulations of quantum theory, whether it’s

    whatever you want — all of them more or less presuppose the use of standard real numbers. That’s one issue I find very problematic. … That seems to me very dubious.” 

  • Heidegger asked, What is a thing? And answered, on page ~60, A thing is the bearer of properties.
  • From Heidegger’s perspective, there is no ”way that things are”. (due to the Kochen-Specker theorem)

Slides here.

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