Not saying I agree with this classification … but consider it a more topologically complex alternative to the ≅ℝ² picture of {positive vs negative affect} ⨯ {high/low energy} used in the “Miller mood map”.

I’m not even sure if that’s the correct term for the ≅ℝ² story — but that story is wrong. Google “valence” and “affect” or “mood” to get the skinny on it.

Math questions:

  • where is 0?
  • Is there a 0?
  • How do you go from one state to another?
  • Which states are easiest to reach (“closest to”) from which other states? 
  • Is distance non-commutative? Differing length to get from A→D→C versus A→E→C? And different in reverse C→E→A?

About isomorphismes

Argonaut: someone engaged in a dangerous but potentially rewarding adventure.
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