Read Before You UpVote

This is a suggestion for Reddit, Hacker News (ycombinator’s), and other Digg clones.

  1. Only count up-votes from people who have clicked through to the article.

The flourishing of voting communities is a blessing to the Internet. Members post links and everyone gets to vote up or down. It’s an improvement on Google’s PageRank, which has been maliciously exploited by spammers for a decade now.

In my brief time watching these communities, I’ve seen snappy titles with terrible content get up-voted. Things like:

  • 7 Ways to Amp Up Your Productivity
  • FOX News Has Done It Again…
  • Resources for Busy Professionals
  • Books You Should Read But Aren’t Really Going To But You’ll Upvote This Anyway Because You Feel Guilty For Not Reading Them

I’ve even sinned myself — up-voting or down-voting before I read the content. Sometimes I feel bad once I realize I’ve done it and go skim the article. But that’s not the point. Somebody should have stopped me before I voted on something I knew nothing about.

I diluted the votes of the informed people and that’s bad for the site.

PS I don’t think many people would game the system, do you?

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Argonaut: someone engaged in a dangerous but potentially rewarding adventure.
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