Diurnal Prejudice

There is a prejudice in society against people who wake up late.

Obviously, someone who wakes up at 3pm, eats and gets ready, then works from 5pm until 2am, can get as much done as someone who works from 8:30am until 5:30pm.

And there are even more nocturnal schedules for sure. I used to finish work at 4am or 5am. (EMT’s, I feel ya!)

You would think that a diverse economy like ours could support multiple time-lifestyles, without prejudice. And there are indeed 24-hour Krogers (thankfully) as well as convenience stores. But doctors’ offices, job interviews, government agencies, banks, and gyms are all difficult-ish to access when you get home from work at 5am.

What’s the deal?

Aren’t there profits to be made by keeping your store open later? Plus, drawing customers away from the busiest store hours would reduce stress, mistakes, and costs during peak operating hours. Not to mention, traffic congestion would be reduced if more people commuted at 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 5am, or other times.

Maybe it is the priorities of people with kids forcing the rest of the world to conform to their preferred schedule?

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