Banker’s Hours

On a related note, why do banks close at 5 or 6 when people are obviously just getting out of work?

It seems like the ideal times, from a customer’s perspective, for the banks to be open, would be:

  1. for a few hours before 9 am
  2. during lunch
  3. from 4pm until dinner

In other words, banks should be open when other working people are not busy. If you’re in the service industry, you have to work when other people aren’t! I guess banks don’t see themselves that way.

I’ll handle some objections before you voice them:

  • Banks could just reconcile their books at 4 and then continue on with a new set of books for the evening and next day.
  • Young employees would be more than happy to work in the evenings. Do you have any idea how many college kids like waking up in the afternoon?

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