Value Added

I caught myself having written the following in an email:

…which would add value to X…

How about “improve”, self?

I try to watch out for the creep of jargon and lazy language, but if you read my other posts you’ll notice that my writing is not superb.

I assume that several months or years down the road I’ll weave this gristle into something better; until then you’ll be treated to literary jewels like:

After all, given that there exist MSc’s, MFE’s, and CFQ’s, the fabulous RenTec profits must have already evaporated while I was still in diapers and now I’m just reading the millionth copy of Liar’s Poker at the bottom of the pyramid scheme.

Given that there exist?  I might as well apply for the Obfuscation Prize right now.

About isomorphismes

Argonaut: someone engaged in a dangerous but potentially rewarding adventure.
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